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Castellan Real Estate Implements Energy-Saving Measures

  Since establishing New York City-based Castellan Real Estate Partners in 2009, Paul Salib has performed debt and equity real estate transactions totaling over $1.2 billion in worth. Part of Castellan’s portfolio is managing residential complexes in the New York City metropolitan area. Paul Salib and his team have added value through property enhancements, such as new windows, and various energy efficiency measures.
As communities worldwide continue to develop at a rapid pace, energy-saving and other environmental building practices are becoming increasingly important. According to conservative estimates, buildings account for 30 percent of landfill waste and 68 percent of the total electric consumption in the United States. From planning and design to the construction process, green and sustainable buildings utilize environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes that reduce negative impacts on human health and the environment. Implementing green building practices can preserve ecosystems and natural resources, improve air quality, and reduce waste. Additionally, such practices can reduce operating costs and increase profits through greater efficiency. Through strategies such as converting oil-burning boilers to duel-fuel boilers, Castellan has saved energy, minimized its carbon footprint, and lowered operating costs. These energy-saving measures are a core part of the firm’s ESG business practices and they are an essential part of being a good corporate citizen.